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VAG K + CAN Commander 1.4 + 2.5 FULL Windows 10 EN/US

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  • Warranty: one year
  • Language: English
  • Compatibility: 199x-200x
  • Windows: XP – 7 – 8 – 10

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VAG K + CAN Commander diagnosis/programming tool
VAG Commander 1.4 + 2.5 software – English Version (FULL)

[spoiler title= »Product Information, Warranty, and Terms of Use »]
The diagnostic/reprogramming kit VAG K+CAN Commander 1.4 and 2.5 for Windows 7, 8, and 10 is of superior quality and comes with its offline software.
The VAG Can Commander software versions 1.4 and 2.5 are provided in download format from our private server.
The download of VAG K+CAN Commander software is done very quickly and securely through our server.
The shipping of this equipment, when noted as « in stock, » is carried out the same day if the order is placed before 1 PM on a business day.
The skills required to install this equipment are detailed here.
This equipment comes with our satisfaction or money-back guarantee.
This equipment cannot be updated online directly; its after-sales service and associated technical support are only provided by our support.
Its warranty is for one year, parts and labor provided by our workshop in France.
The OBD VAG K+CAN Commander interface and software are PROFESSIONAL DIY-type equipment.[/spoiler]

VAG K+CAN Commander: OBD Diagnostic & Programming

VAG Commander  K+CAN OBD is a professional tool that allows various simple and advanced functions on a wide range of vehicles from the VAG group.

The compatibility of the VAG K+CAN Commander extends to vehicles from the 90s and up to around 2006 or beyond on certain specific models.

This VAG diagnostic/programming kit consists of an OBD to USB interface and three software programs that enable various actions on Audi, VW, Seat, and Skoda vehicles.

List of functions of the VAG K+CAN Commander 1.4 and 2.5:

  • Reading faults from all calculators
  • Reading and clearing stored faults
  • Correcting the vehicle’s mileage through the OBD port
  • Disabling the immobilizer (immobilizer deactivation via OBD)
  • Reading the access code (PIN) from the counter/engine control unit/immobox
  • Replacing or coding new keys
  • Clearing warning lights displayed on the dashboard (engine light, airbag light, ABS light, etc.)
  • Activating the TV option while driving on MMI Audi
  • Performing EEPROM reading/writing
  • Backup and writing to the engine control unit (ECU)
  • Backup and writing to the dashboard (instrument cluster)
  • Resetting an airbag module (reset after an accident and deployed airbags)
  • And more…

Provided software with OBD VAG K+CAN Commander OBD tool :

    Compatible with Windows XP – Windows 7 32/64-bit | Not compatible with Windows 10 and 11

How to use VAG Commander on MAC and Linux

To install and use VAG Commander 1.4 or 2.5 software on MacOS or Linux, the use of a virtual machine (VM) is necessary.
Linux and Mac are compatible thanks to the use of Windows 7 32/64-bit on Virtualbox, for example, which offers the best stability for diagnostic and programming software to date.

Complete list of vehicles compatible with VAG Commander 1.4 and 2.5

This interface is not compatible with VDO counters equipped with NEC 24C32 or NEC 24C64 EEPROM, unlike the VAG Tacho 5.0.

Milleage correction via CAN protocol compatible with:


– VW Golf5
– VW Jetta 5
– VW Caddy
– VW Crossgolf
– VW Touran
– VW Passat B6


– Seat Toledo (CAN)
– Seat Leon (CAN)
– Seat Altea, Seat Altea XL


Skoda Octavia II
Skoda Scout


– Audi A3
– Audi A8
– Audi A6
– Audi Q7
– Audi Allroad 2004+

Access code reading via CAN protocol compatible with:

Volkswagen up to 2006/2007 (red OBD):

– VW Golf 5
– VW Jetta 5
– VW Caddy
– VW Crossgolf
– VW Touran
– VW Passat B6

Seat up to 2006/2007:

– Seat Toledo (CAN)
– Seat Leon (CAN)
– Seat Altea
– Seat Altea XL


Skoda Octavia II
Skoda Scout


– Audi A3 8L
– Audi A8

EEPROM reading/writing:

– Audi Q7
– Audi Allroad
– Audi A6
– And more…

Secure access code reading, ECU mileage modification via K-line protocol:

– Audi A2 (K)
– Audi A3 VDO/M73 up to 2003 (K)
– Audi A4 VDO/M73 (K) up to 2000
– Audi A4 BOSCH (K) up to 2002
– Audi A6 VDO (K)
– Audi Allroad (K) up to 2004
– Audi A8 up to January 1999
– Audi TT (K) (partially supported, Jaeger and MM special counters)

Volkswagen up to 2006/2007 (red OBD):

– VW Bora (K)
– VW Beetle (K)
– VW Golf4 VDO/Motometer/BOSCH (K)
– VW Jetta (K)
– VW Passat (K)
– And more…

ECU mileage modification, engine control unit security code (PIN) calculation:

– EDC15P+ – EDC15VM+
– VAG-ME7.1.1
– VAG-ME7.1
– VAG-ME7.5
– Audi A3/S3, TT…
– VAG-Cartronic ME7.8

Key reprogramming (immo transponder encoding):

– Audi A2
– Audi A3 VDO/M73 up to 2003
– Audi A4 VDO/M73 up to 2000
– Audi A4 after 2000 – gasoline engine 1.8 and above
– Audi A6 VDO (K)
– Audi A6 (CAN) gasoline engine
– And more…

TV activation while driving MMI Audi:

– A6
– A8
– Q7

Reset airbag

1C0 909 605 C
1C0 909 605 F
1C0 909 605 H
1J0 909,603
1J0 909 607
1J0 909 609
6Q0 909 605 A
6Q0,909 605 B
6Q0 909 605 C
3B0 959 655 B
4B0 959 655 C
4B0 959 655 J
4D0 959 655 C
4D0 959 655 H
8D0 959 655 C
8D0 959 655 L
8L0 959 655
8L0 959 655 A
F8A0 959 655 C
8A0 959 655 K
8A0 959 655 K

The compatibility list is kept up to date whenever possible, and more ECU, counter, airbag references, as well as other vehicle models not listed to date, may be compatible.

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